Scout Me & Fix My Game

Welcome to Scout Me & Fix My Game!  This is a scouting service available for players who would like to invite Coach Ricky Taylor, to their game to receive an in-depth professional player evaluation.  A player evaluation will list a player’s strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvement, projected college level and potential, and pro potential. NCAA Division I coaches are permitted to subscribe to this service for football, men’s, women’s basketball.

Training over 100 players, Coach Ricky is a professional skills coach in which he trains professionals all the way down to the children.  One of strengths is to identify a players’ weaknesses to help turn them into strengths.  Coach Ricky travels all around the country to scout, critique, and analyze players. Book your game today!

Sample Player Evaluation

Example of Player Evaluation

*Please note that player evaluations are based upon the skill level of the player.  Some players only receive 1 page evaluations and some receive up to 6 pages depending on the player’s position, activity on the court, and minutes played.

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