Top 100 – National Combine – Player Evaluations – Girls

Player Name Jersey Location Coaches Evaluation
Kerigan Davis 29 Lexington, KY Kerigan is a great all-around player for her size. She is very good and skilled strong. Kerrigan has soft hands and always makes the right decisions whether it be when her back is to the basket or if she is face up on a defender. She will be a really good 3 and 4 in college because she can handle the ball so well!
Bria Clanton 6 Lithonia, GA Bria is very strong and tough down low. She doesn’t give up on any rebound. Bria has a strong offensive playing IQ. She knows when to pick and pop or pic and roll. She knows when to seal her man, and if she gets ball on the block one on one she will score. Playing through contact is definitely her strength!
Christacia Dawkins 7 Sebring, Florida Great, Great, player. What the coaches loved most about Christacia is how quickly she learned from the coaches at camp. Although Christacia needs to get better at handeling the ball, she can definitely do it all. We think she is better from 17 and in, but she can shoot it from downtown well too. Dawkins is also very good on the defensive end of the floor!
(Alex) Alice Lowery 37 Birmingham, Alabama Alex was again another just all around good player. She had a really nice form on her shot with high accuracy! Her mid-range game I think is her best feature on the offensive side. She is long and athletic so she gets in passing lanes well. She is a really good on the ball defender!
Aeriel Holiday 40 Huston, TX Aeriel can be a really good role player for a team in college. She is tall, strong, and athletic. She rebounds well, but does need to get a little stronger. On the offensive side we think she could be a stretch 4. She can shoot it well enough to keep teams honest
Savannah(Little Foot) Hunter 42 Puyallup, WA Savannah is a big skilled 5 that still may grow some more. She has raw talent and shows a lot of promise. She is great one on one on the block and can step out and shoot it
Sydney King 61 Birmingham, Alabama Phenomenal re-bounder! Most of the coaches said she was the most aggressive girl at the camp. She could put the ball on the floor and get to the rim when she wanted. Not only did she have great skill but she was also strong. Will be a great combo guard in college!
Natalie Bleazard 71 Hamilton, AL Natalie is one of those players that won’t seem flashy when you watch the game but if you look at the stats after a games you saw where she has a double double. She just seems to always be in the right place at the right time. That says a lot for her basketball IQ. We think she needs to find a true position, but as a coach it will be hard to take her off the floor cause she can help in so many ways!
Reagan Barnard 21 Rio Rancho, NM Reagan is a great defender. She has the body and arm length to play a 1,2,3 and 4 if you go small. She is not only great off the ball but really good on the ball as a defender. On the offensive side Reagan has a smooth shot from outside. She can put it on the floor and has a great pull up game which also says a lot for her playing IQ!
Sarah Plemons 8 Chatworths, GA The youngest player in camp and you would have never know. Sarch is 13 years old and will be a star by the time she gets her HS diploma. She already has raw talent with a really good looking shoot. Sarah can also play defense really well!
Sereima Tuisavura 22 Orem, Utah Sereima was a really good shooter. She knew how to play her role well and found her way on the floor to help her team. She gets the hustle points. She doesn’t mind diving on the floor or taking a charge. She needs to get stronger with the ball and with time will be a very good player!
Sidney White 18 Fairhope, al Girls camp MVP! Sidney can do it all. Right now she is a D2 type player. Sidney can take and make shots anywhere on the court with anyone guarding her. She is a true PG that can score when she wants. She knows how to shoot the gaps when she has the ball and gets to the rim or finds a open player when needed. She is tough to defend cause of her ability to change speeds at the drop of a hat!
Simone London 3 Dover, DE Simone is lighting quick. She is a defensive specialist . On the ball, it would be tough to get past her cause there aren’t many people as quick she is. Even though she is small she is very tough! She knows how and will get through screens. All college coaches want a player like Simone!
Sydney Martin 67 Morrow, Louisiana Martin is one of those players that seems to always know where the rim is. If her back is to the basket she can pass it out and relocate and will find the rim. We believe Sydney will excel at the next level. She will need to be more consistent on her jump shot, but she is definitely one tough and strong player and that alone will take her a very long way!!
Keya Jenkins 8 South Pittsburg Keya is an amazing athlete. She can run and jump with anyone. We were impressed with her ability to get to the rim and finish. She created the contact on defenders and was able to finish on the girls in the camp. Jenkins needs to sharpen up her ball handling skills and will be a really good player in college!
Emily Webb 5 Jasper, TN Emily is a great role player. Our advice to Emily is to LIVE and LOVE that role. She is very selfless and plays for her teammates. When a shot goes up you see Emily running to put a body on someone not ball watching. Great on and off the ball defender too!
Emma Weeden 51 Indianapolis, IN Emma is a very hard worker. To go along with that hard work she is very skilled also. She can stroke it from downtown and see the floor well. She needs to get a little quicker and work on her foot work but could be a really good NAIA player for sure!
Caroline Rivera 73 Las Vegas, Nv Rivera, the 2nd best player in the camp. A 5’9 PG that sees the floor very well and is deadly on the flat ball screens. She wont flash you with foot speed but is very quick and knows how to change speeds with the ball in her hand. She will be a really good college player. She can shoot it well from outside and gets to the rim with ease!
Alexis Murphy 4 Cincinnati, OH Alexis is a very good player on the defensive side of the court. She does it all on that side. She is great at trapping on the ball and rebounds really well. We believe college coaches will love her engery and what she brings to the floor. Her defensive skill will definitely be an eye catcher for coaches!
Cassidy Highsmith 8 Greer, SC When it comes to giving it all someone has and leaving it all on the court, Cassidy does just that. Needs to work on her skill on her overall game, but with time and coaching we think she could be a good college player. She will find her way on the court! A coach can put her in and say stop this other girl from scoring and Cassidy has that strong will to do just that!
Breana Hunt 72 Jackson, TN All the coaches really like Ms. Hunt at the camp. A great shooter and defensive player. A coach’s dream come true! Quick, fast, and athletic. Hunt will be a good player at the next level with of all these tools she possesses. We can definitely add that she has a really good Basketball IQ
Elisabeth Johnston 13 Adrian, Michigan Liz is a an extremely skilled bigger ball player with some up side! She is very strong and needs more rotation of post moves to do well at the next level. Liz has a very high basketball IQ of the game. She plays for others. Many times Liz had her man burried on the block while finding her team-mate to enable them cutting to the basket. We expect to see great things from this young lady!
Alizae Dollins 2 Dover DE Dollins was indeed the best shooter at the camp. She showed tremendous signs of upside by being an unconscious shooter. Her confidence was sky high and she played like an elite basketball player. She also showcased great signs of footwork and was a lockdown defender that had other players in handcuffs. Dollins was a small all-in-one player who will advance well to the next playing level. She was definitely another pleasure to watch!


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