Top 100 – National Combine – Player Evaluations – Boys

Player Name Jersey Location Coaches Evaluation
TJ Moore 23 Davenport, Iowa TJ is a tremendous athlete on both sides of the court. He knows how to really utilize his length which gives him a huge advantage defensively. He aggressively knows how to get in the passing lanes, blocking shots and rebounding. TJ is definitely not scared to take the ball to the basket. Offensively, he can get to the rim at any point and finish above the rim! One thing all the coaches loved the most about him was he is just that “coach-able kid”
Chris Leao 24 Frederick, MD Leao always gives 120% of himself at all times! His energy is through roof! We can see that Leao wants it and strives to get every rebound and loose ball. Leao can jump with the best of them and will finish above the rim. He can guard 1, 2, and 3’s and was just a great team mate. When it came to picking the top 20 his hustle alone made him an easy pick.
Noah Scott 11 Anaheim, Ca Noah was an all around on all corners player that never seems to be out of control at any point on the floor! Noah has a great offensive playing IQ and just does what he wants naturally. He is a college coach’s dream! One thing the staff noticed about Noah, he only takes the necessary amount of dribbles needed, which is something many kids don’t understand or struggle with. It was great to see Noah always going towards the rim with the ball! He is truly a “smooth operator”. Noah can shoot it well enough to keep players honest and unbalanced. He is always making the right play whether it is taking to it the rim or finding a team mate for the right play. Noah was a great pleasure to watch!
Jake Elliot 1 Danville, IN Jake Elliot was the Combine’s MVP and there was a big reason as to why for this small guy. He feared no one! Jake caught coach’s eyes in the skill workouts immediately. His dribbling was precise and extremely tight. His form on his shot along with his release was perfect. Jake brought an amazing game to the floor in the 5 on 5 areas. He is an above average shooter from long range with an amazing pull up. On the break , Jake can make perfect pitch ahead passes while being tough to guard in the half court. Coaches only recorded 3 TO by Jake the entire weekend (and there was a lot of game time to pull from) Jake will also be a college coaches dream come true. Just an amazing Point Guard whom everyone loved to watch!
Kaleb Estes 10 Covington, TN Kaleb had the highest score on the Maximum Vertical with a 37.5! Kaleb has a really good mid-range combined with his ability to get to and finish above the rim which makes him a very deadly combo guard. Kaleb showed strength in the open court and there weren’t too many people who were able to stop him.
Mike Homza 1 Pittsburgh, PA We believe Mike can play the 1 or 2 in college. Shooting looks great coming out of his hands! Mike releases the ball at his peak while jumping. Mike is a really good all around solid player. Can stroke it from anywhere on the court and can get to the cup. In the skill workout Mike looked phenomenal. Mike showed that he was very skilled in the 5 on 5 game sessions.
John Robinson Jr 25 Studtgart, Germany All we can say is Long and super athletic! JJ was a super star at the camp. JJ can shoot it well and can get to the cup quickly. JJ could start on NAIA team today. Coaches looking for a combo guard that will play relentless D this are your guy.
Kyle Rutkowski 53 Evansville, WI Kyle is one tough kid and it was his toughness that got the coaches vote for the time top 20. For a high school big man he already knows how to keep the ball high and not bring it down. He gets a rebound and goes right back up with it. We expect to see Kyle develop more post moves that he can use as a defending big man. Great work!
Kelvin Jones Jr 26 Winston-Salem, NC Kelvin is another all-around phenomenal solid ball player. Kelvin can fly down the court easily without tiring. Kelvin made a lot of easy baskets simply because he just outran the defense consistently. Kelvin’s playing IQ allowed him to always be in the right place at the right time. Kelvin’s advanced dribbling with solid ball handling skills showed true effectiveness in the half court. Kelvin has a great looking shot, and mid-range is definitely not a problem! Kelvin is a super power under the goal, you can definitely expect him to pull rebounds out. Looking forward to seeing Kelvin playing in the future!
Gabe Lewis 6 Monticello, AR Gabe was another one of these freak athletics that we see a lot of. Gabe caught the coaches eyes during the skill workout before he even got around to playing the on game sessions. Gabe was a very good ball handler in which this will allow Gabe to be an excellent combo guard at the next level!
CJ Massengill 4 Chattanooga, TN CJ is very talented and a true leader. We really saw his true leadership come out when his team was down big. Even though his team would still go on to lose, he shut down the best player on the other team for the remainder of the game. We are looking forward to seeing much more out of CJ in the coming years!
Mike Miketinas 9 Baton Rouge, La Mike was one of the other “big men” of the camp. Mike was a really strong player who can control the game to be such a big size for the PG/SG position. His ability to create for others earned him an easy spot in the top 20. He dictated the 5 on 5 games and made good decisions for such a tall physical guard. We were really able to see a lot out of him! In the skills sessions workouts Miketinas looks really good! Still learning to finish over both shoulders and he just buries the man under the rim. Mike is a big strong guy with soft hands and can always find an open guy if needed. In the All-Star game, Miketinas had three 3-pointers, made some really great unique, over the head and behind the back passes, including passes to the low post within his drives, avoided defenders, and drove to the hole when open, with power and strength! Mike fought for loose balls and was the most competitive player at camp. Along with his competitive nature, he has a beautiful release!
Keith Moody 45 Maryville, TN Though it was a quick weekend coaches saw a big improvement out of him. This tells us that Keith is definitely a fast and dedicated learner. This wasn’t his first camp but it was his first time in the top 20! That really says a lot about Keith and his character. Dealing with disappointment, it pushed him to work harder, and that hard work really paid off this time! On the floor, Keith was relentless on the boards and on the defensive end. He’s a combo guard that is still raw but getting better each day. We definitely hope to see more of Keith in the future!
William Benson 35 Dallardsville, Texas William got in the top 20 cause he basically just out-worked many of the other kids. William was quick and never gave up no matter where he was on the court. We would call him a true role or glue guy. You need a guy like Will in every team, whether it is AAU or NBA! Coaches that are looking for a person that is going to help your team without the ball and go the extra mile, William is definitely your guy.
Jourdon Young 7 Detroit, Michigan Young’s float game was on point at the camp. He is a PG that can score really well. We like him because though we didn’t think he was great at just one thing. Jourdon has a ton of weapons to hurt the other team. He can push the ball great in transition and finds the open guy. Young was another pleasure to watch in action!
Domonique Smith 38 Denver, NC We called him “fullback” at the camp. He is a big body but still a quick mean guard. He posted up the smaller guards and made some really good decisions. Domonique shoots the ball well enough to keep teams honest. He was able to get to the basket with much skill and agility!
Warren Murphy 2 DeForest, WI Warren can stroke it from ANYWHERE on the floor. He hit big shot after big shot after big shot. Coaches looking for a shooter with a quick high release who can also put the ball on the ground with ease, please let us introduce Warren Murphy!
Will Hartter 65 Lawrenceville, GA Hartter is one tough Kid! Nothing stops him from his goal. We like him a lot on the defensive end of the court. Will can guard 1-4 and it will be tough to score on him. Good combo guard that shoots extremely well. Will also has an exceptional mid-range game. Looking forward to seeing much more of him in the future!
Ryan Northcutt 54 Lynchburg, TN Ryan was really good at putting the ball on the ground and driving right by his defender. Ryan plays at a very high IQ level, which is rare and hard to find. Ryan knows the game really well and will be an asset to any coach or team. Looking forward to seeing much more from Northcutt!
Logan Morris 17 Grovetown, GA Logan is that kid that can just do it all. Morris can definitely get to the cup, shoot it from anywhere, with an exceptional mid-range game. Logan was really quick at finding the necessary open man. Logan can work more on his left hand and he will be another unstoppable player. Logan will definitely be a star at the college level!

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