RTB Scholarship Give Away Program

The Ricky Taylor Basketball Scholarship Give Away program is an undergraduate scholarship program to assist current high school and middle school basketball players who seek to pursue higher learning.  With a total of $1,000 in scholarships given to high school and middle school players, the RTB Scholarship Give Away program will allow athletes to increase their academic success with the appropriate resources.

Who Qualifies?

All Middle School and High School Athletes who are part of an athletic program (school team, AAU, etc).

When and Where?

Saturday-Sunday, September 17-18 with games going from  8am-10pm

Notre Dame High School
2701 Vermont Ave
Chattanooga, TN

How to Register?

Click Here

Is there a limit?

Yes, we are accepting only the first 100 boys and 100 girls.

What is the format and how will players will be put on teams?

Players will compete in 5 on 5 games and play 2 games which will be 20 minutes long.  There will only be 5 players per team and a few reserves just in case a player gets injured or cannot show up for the game.

Players will be placed on teams by random selection.  The teams rosters will be updated as soon as a player registers with the time of that game. Players will be issued a game jersey that will have to be turned back in to RTB staff immediately after their game.  Players are advised to arrive 15-30 minutes before their games.

How do we determine the winner?

The player who finishes as the most efficient player will serve as the winner.  Our staff will be trained to take accurate statistics of each individual player.

The most efficient player is a player who effects the game from all facets (scoring, rebounding, assists, no turnovers, etc.)

Example: A player may have a 20 point game but his or her efficiency may be low.  On the other hand, a player may have a 15 point game but also have 7 rebounds and 5 assists which would result in a higher efficiency rate than the player who only scored 20 points.

This way, we can determine players who are the most effective and who has an impact on the game.  This will ensure that players are conscious of playing the “complete” game of basketball.

On the other hand, players who may not be as gifted offensively, can still impact the game defensively with steals, blocks, and rebounds.  It will be fun to watch the energy, decision making, and extra passes from players to increase their efficiency rate.


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