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About Coach Ricky Taylor
Licensed USA Basketball Coach – NCAA Compliant Scouting Service – Professional Skills Coach–
. Coach Taylor, a native of Brownsville, TN was a standout player at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga from 2008-2012. Taylor was part of Chattanooga’s 2008-2009 Southern Conference Tournament Championship team and the 2010-2011 North Division Southern Conference Championship team.  Taylor finished as the 6th all-time leading scorer in Chattanooga’s history with 1,225 career points.  Furthermore, Taylor finished in the top 10 in five different statistical categories.  As a 4 year student-athlete, Taylor graduated with a 3.0 GPA from UTC with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting in 3.5 years.

After having a successful career at UTC, Coach Ricky Taylor began his professional career in Germany (2013-2014) where he assisted playing in the backcourt for the Finke Baskets. Taylor averaged double figures (11.4ppg) in points for the Finke Baskets in his rookie season. Taylor signed to play in England (2014-2015) in the BBL for the Newcastle Eagles where he averaged 17ppg in preseason action.  He then went to play in the Premier League in Ireland (2014-2015) for Belfast Star in the United Kingdom where he led the country in scoring at 26.2ppg. Taylor was selected to the All-Irish Premier League Team and All-Irish First Team. He was also named November Player of the Month and earned Multiple Player of the Week Selections.

While currently serving as the senior pastor of the Arena of Praise Church, owning a trucking company (Potter’s Wheel Trucking), and real estate company (Reap Investments), Coach Taylor has evaluated thousands of players nationally and internationally with a goal of helping them get into school.

The Story Behind the Scouting Service – Coach Ricky’s vision and ministry is to help prospective student athletes get into school. Most players have the gifts and talents to play at the next level, however still have trouble of coaches recognizing their abilities. Coach Ricky felt like he was under-recruited while playing in high school and wanted to create a platform for athletes across the nation to not experience the same thing he experienced.

About RTB National Scouting Service

Our Coaching Database
Over 1,800 Division 1 Coaches
Over 1,000 Division 2 Coaches
Over 1,500 Division Coaches
Over 1,400 JUCO (Junior College)
Over 600 NAIA Schools 

What does it mean to be an NCAA Compliant Scouting Service? NCAA compliant services are trusted entities in which college instiutions may subscribe to in order to recruit prospective student athletes. NCAA compliant scouting services have successfully submitted professional player evaluations to the NCAA where evaluations are thoroughly reviewed by the NCAA compliant officers. NCAA compliant services must possess an online registration for college coaches to subscribe to services that demonstrate professionalism, excellence, and accessibility.

Who is this scouting service for?  This scouting service is for serious middle school and high school boys and girls looking to play at the collegiate level. We recommend this service for underrecruited players, players with college potential, and players who desire to become a student-athlete.

Why use a scouting service? College coaches on all levels receive hundreds of emails, texts, and phone calls over the course of the year.  Due to the high volume of interest, coaches do not open, view, or respond to emails from unknown sources.  Coaches recruit most of their athletes by watching them play and by word of mouth.  The RTB National Scouting Service is here to serve as a voice for athletes and parents across the nation.

College coaches are subscribed to national NCAA compliant services to help them recruit athletes who they may have missed by not attending an NCAA certified event.

What colleges we recommend for players?  We recommend players to have an honest evaluation on what level that they can compete at.  We advise players to attend a D-1, D-2, D-3, NAIA, and JUCO game to see which level is best for them.

What Are Some Benefits of this Service? Let’s face it.  Every player will not receive a scholarship through this service, but at least players and parents will increase the opportunity to be recruited and evaluated.  Players who do not receive a scholarship can utilize this scouting service to potentially join their school’s basketball program by becoming a team manager or volunteer.  There are a lot of managers and volunteers who participated in practices and proved to the coaching staff that they could play for their team. Some coaches ended up giving team managers and volunteers a spot on the team. Some managers even earned partial and full scholarships as a result of helping the team in practices so all hope is not lost when players don’t get recruited.

Players can also utilize this as an opportunity to network with college coaches to ultimately become a graduate assistant coach while pursuing their master’s degree.

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*We do not guarantee scholarships and college coaches to contact parents or players.  It is solely up to the player’s personnel, game highlights, and performance to captivate college’s attention.

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