National Pre-Season Showcase Evaluations

Jersey Number Player Last Name Player First Name Player Age Gender Evaluation
27 Erickson Hunter 16 Male Hunter Erickson was one of the best ball handlers and voted camp MVP! He was definitely one of the most experienced players at the camp. He showed leadership and he was able to finish at the rim with both hands and showed that he was a versatile player. He also made shots from deep 3. His basketball I.Q. is very high. He is a highly skilled basketball player.
71 Norton Hank 16 Male Hank Norton was absolutely another one of the best ball handlers at the National Preseason Showcase. He made slashing moves to the basket and he was under control. He was a machine on the offensive boards and ran the floor. He simply knows the game and separated himself by his I.Q. Hank was also exceptional in the post area for a smaller guard.
23 Williams Bo 16 Male Bo Williams showed great signs on knocking down 3’s from range. He was very involved in every play and hustled for loose balls. He went for offensive rebounds and finished with both hands at the showcase.
17 Eason Kamari 15 Female Kamari drove all the way down to the camp from Maryland. She has a great fell for the game and she is a great teammate. Kamari can handle the basketball and she has the instinct to find open teammates. She made some nice finishes that were amazing. She is a true competitor with a high upside!
33 Norfleet Zachary 17 Male Zachary played a lot of point guard and his ball handling skills were highly impressive for his height. He was aggressive and he attacked the hip of the defenders at the showcase. He also showed the ability to finish at the rim. HE definitely had a lot of confidence by being a leader and showing no mercy. He definitely was one of the best players at the camp
6 Banks Alexandrea 16 Female Alexandria showed that she is a team oriented player. She boxed out players and did the dirty work to help her team come out with the win. She grabbed rebounds because of she fought for position on every play. She played with the system and showcased that she knew the game.
40 Hoskins Matt 16 Male Matt showed the ability to shoot the ball well from the 3 point area. He let the ball ride and he did well during the skill and development session.
22 Davis Savannah 15 Female Savannah Davis did an awesome job at the camp. She had a high field goal percentage from the short corner area by making the majority of her shots. She was a team player and she fit in well with all of her teammates. She showed patience and she finished at the rim
25 Harris Noah 16 male Noah Harris did extremely well during the skill development session at the National Preseason Showcase. Noah was one of most skilled players at the camp and he has a solid foundation. His ball handling and I.Q. has definitely improved since the Internationale College Elite Camp that was held on May 17. Noah continues to elevate his game by being at most of the Ricky Taylor Basketball events.
24 Elston Marcus 16 male Marcus Elston played with his heart at the camp. He battled and competed against the older guys and played with no fear at all. He rebounded the ball well out of his area.
16 Watkins Anthony 13 male Showed great signs of a great defender. HE was active and involved with most of the plays and he had an I.Q. His spacing ability was phenomenal as well as his decision making. He took the ball to the hole and he was aggressive.
26 Pickett Jordan 17 male Jordan Pickett was a point guard general at the National Preseason Showcase. He continued to play under control and he set up his teammates and delivered the ball to them with his no look passes. Jordan has taken strides in his game from earlier in the summer. Jordan’s coaches definitely will be amazed on his improvement from over the summer. He is also a long defender and wants to win and win big. He is passionate about every possession and he has the heart of a champion. He is a very skilled athlete and has a promising future.
4 Rogers Kobi 17 male Kobi showed great signs of being a great ball handler. He also has an explosive first step. Kobi attacked the rim in the open court and finished strong at the rim. He was a true competitor by playing tough defenses and hustling on possessions. We were proud to watch him showcase his skills.
3 Massengill Jazmine 13 Female Jazmine Massengill was indeed a finalist if not the MVP of the camp. Jazmine already has several Division 1 offers and interests from some of the top programs in the nation. She put on a shooting clinic. She put on a ball handling clinic. She made some grown man type of moves and definitely has a professional basketball player game, and she is on her way to going to a big school and playing on ESPN one day. She definitely is mature basketball player to be only in the 8th grade. She will give opposing team headaches on how to stop her. One of the best players in America!
18 Massengill CJ 16 Male CJ Massengill did a phenomenal job at the showcase by shooting the ball from deep and getting to the sweet spots of the floor. He scored from mid-range and finished the ball in transition. He controlled the game at his tempo and he got his teammates involved. He continues to improve at every camp and he is getting ready to be stand out player across the state of Tennessee. CJ was a leader throughout the skill development session and continues to make great strides in his overall game.
38 Williams Akil 17 male Akil was like Superman at the camp by gliding in the air, finishing strong at the rim, and giving defenders fits. Akil comes from Atlanta, GA and he is ranked #11 in the state of Georgia. We loved him because of his size. He is built like a football player, however, he was a skilled basketball player. He has great explosion for not being so tall. He also has great footwork and finishes with style and poise. He was very smooth and controlled with all of his moves.
5 Balogun Elizabeth Female Elizabath was indeed one of the top players at the camp. She had a long frame for a female athlete. She was the best lock down defender at the camp and she showed the ability to shoot far from the 3. She impacted the game from everywhere and finished at the rim with authority. She is a tremendous athlete and she sprinted the floor every single time. She was a factor defensively by surprising defenders in the lane. She will definitely be a steal for some college program
2 Hunt Treasure Female Treasure Hunt was the youngest player at the camp and was definitely one of the best scorers at the camp. She had the unconscious mentality of a deadly shooter from downtown. She definitely understand the game and she represented for the all of the young players at the camp. She did not back down at all but she held her own. She also showed the ability the handle the ball in transition and make aggressive moves to the goal. She definitely lives up to her first name—Treasure
61 Hunt Amber Female Amber Hunt, another candidate for the MVP at the National Preseason Showcase, showed up like a mad woman! She was on fire from 3 while hitting about 5 threes in the first game. She showed great signs on her overall game by scoring in the post against smaller defenders.. She demanded the ball and she delivered and was efficient throughout the whole camp. Amber’s release has the perfect rotation and she will be able to play multiple positions on the next level with her size. She created for her teammates and she is a smart basketball player that loves to win the game. She will definitely be an asset for whatever school she attends.
1 Toderova Teodora 17 Female Teodora has a high high for a point guard. She had a lot of pitch ahead and she kept her head up on a lot of plays. She made acrobatic layups and made tough plays and set up her teammates. She understand the game and will be a great player.
1 Anderson Zachary 15 male Zachary showed the ability to shoot the basketball from the 3 point range. He was in the right place in the right time.
21 Howard Rhyne 14 female Rhyne showed that she was one of the best players at the National Preseason Showcase. Rhyne is an athletic guard and she played a lot of point guard by being so tall and athletic. She showed the ability to make the 3 and drive and finish with authority. She has a high I.Q. and was aggressive on all of her plays. She was active on defense and gave the opponents problems with her length. She rebounded the ball well out of her area.
19 Ghuloom Husain 15 male Husain Ghuloom is a young player who really was impressive during the camp. He comes all the way from the Middle East to attend the camp. He has a nice fluent shot and looks to create for others. He was in the right place at the right time and got his hands on loose balls. He also drove the ball relentless and did not back down at all.
18 Monyei Victoria 17 Female Victoria was indeed the most polished and crisp players at the showcase. Her ball handling was that of a professional basketball player. The coaching staff loved her speed and explosion out of the first step. She is also a strong and versatile player who will have a major impact on the college scene. Victoria showed the ability to create for others and showed that she could be a leader. She zoomed past players with her speed. She fed the post when needed and she had the patience to set up her team. A jewel at the Preseason showcase.
10 Harris Ajah 15 Female Ajah Harris did a wonderful job at the National Preseason Showcase. Ajah competed on every possession and guarded the best players from the opposing teams. Ajah continues to increase her I.Q. from the International College Elite Camp from earlier in the summer.
10 Jigoboh Jason 14 Male Jason Jigoboh showed great signs at being a great basketball player at the camp. He has great size for being only a 14 year old from Nigeria. Jason will definitely make a college coach happy one day as he continues to improve his game and as he continues to grow. He has a great, kind, warm, spirit and is willing to learn to coaching.
5 Balogun elizabeth 13 Female Elizabeth Balogun definitely showed everybody at the camp that she was one of the MVP candidates. She did all the dirty work for her team by snatching the majority of the rebounds and being relentless on defense. She was definitely the big woman on campus here at the showcase. She is a strong basketball player with tremendous upside. She runs the floor wanting the basketball on every possession. She was physical and aggressive and she was just a warrior. She was very competitive and she definitely left here mark here at the Preseason Showcase!
8 Young Jordon 17 Male Jordan Young showed up at the National Preseason Showcase after attending the High School Top 100 Combine. He came back more of a leader. Jordon’s defense definitely picked up and he was involved with every play by getting in the passing lanes and being an X-factor. Jordon handled the ball in traffic and took the ball coast to coast and made amazing 1 on 1 moves that wowed the crowd. He is definitely a great basketball player and a humble kid that will have a bright future. He has a great mid range game as well.

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