Ricky Taylor Basketball

Ricky Taylor Basketball is an international basketball ministry that utilizes basketball as a platform to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to empower and inspire the lives of athletes globally.

We offer Showcases, Team Tournaments (AAU, NTBA, YBOA, ACA, USBA), 1 on 1 Training, Player Evaluations, the Chattanooga PRO-AM, Scouting, and Motivational Speaking!


Our Vision

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature Mark 16:15

Our vision is to bring our generation to the salvation of Christ Jesus, being baptized by the power of the Holy Spirit so that they may learn to walk in excellence; teaching the essentials of prayer and worship in order to live victorious lives.


Our Mission

This ministry was created by Ricky Taylor, CEO and Founder, to be an outreach program for our youth, alongside making an impact on their lives; academically, spiritually, and athletically. At our RTB camps we provide professional skill development with skill sessions, game play, and advanced instruction. We also provide academic advice to help equip their minds for mental preparation for college, and their future.  Lastly, we provide our youth with motivational speeches at the end of each camp.

We have had much success with athletes, nationally and internationally, attending our events. Being an advocate for our youth, we believe you will be very pleased with our camp performance, which will inform our customers of your area and location.

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